Sep 8, 2021

It took me only one month to learn the basics of UX design - from Education to UX design

I was a very happy teacher and so happy with my career in Education. The best part was the adorable faces of my students. They had the power to light up my entire being every day.

Well, then I moved to the US.

With no work authorization, I had to stay at home. But Luckily I had internet. Those days I chose to study English literature. Back in my mind, I was still thinking about my teaching career.

Apps became my best friend

From making notes to finding local events I was downloading apps. I felt empowered. I was the most knowledgeable and sorted-out human being among all the people I knew.

Found UX design

While using those apps I started understanding that there are some issues that can be fixed and they can make the use of the app easy. I started finding a way to solve it. Initially, I thought the search would take me to some coding lessons but I landed on UX design.