Empire state building website

The home page design

Link to prototype

The challenge

The challenge was to design the mockup of homepage of Empire state building website



Goals achieved

#1 Improving the UX so buying ticket would be intuitive.

#2 Designing the user inteface so that it closely resembles with Empire state building

#3 Users feel excited to buy the ticket.

Buying Ticket became intuitive

With Clear CTAs

By providing enough support to make descisions

Quick info to make quick decision

Giving relevent information is crucial for users to make an informed decision.

Create Excitement

Adding motion always spread some magic.

Experience the ESB

I decided to keep the color and few other design elements same as they give users a close experience of the building.


The designer of ESB

Business goals

Different users

Competitive analysis


Define persona

specify goals

User flow

Designer's hat on

Low fi sketches

Bring to life

UI design exploration




Is it working ?

Verifying with testing


Intial thoughts

Why, who, how ?

Why the Empire state building website? Oh! wow, amazing website.

Who designed the empire state building website? I wonder what the designer was thinking.

What are the few goals designers and team were trying to achieve? Hmm..need to dig deeper.

How and why the decisions are made? Is it really user-friendly? I already see some issues. I need to verify it.

Who are the users? Must be the whole world.

Grow your audience

Meet the Designer

Yes she was the lead designer of ESB( Empire state building website)

Few thoughts that she shared about the redesign of The empire state building website.

  1. The empire state building did a huge renovation and spend millions.

  2. Then they decided to redesign the website so that it closely represents the empire state building.

  3. Also, people who are deciding to visit can relate what experience empire state building has to offer.

  4. There is competition - Empire state building is not the only observatory deck but there are more.(NYC Observatory market with Top of The Rock, One World Observatory, and Edge at Hudson Yards.)

Knowing the users

Who are ultimately going to use the website

Domestic and International user.The age group could be 16 year to 85 and up.For the purpose of this project , I am going to create a persona who is a domestic user.

I researched and tried to find some of the pain points users or visitors face .

Thanks for reading. Hopefully we talk soon.