Brand-Influencer Partnership Platform.

About is an app that connects influencers with brands. I worked for this early-stage startup and got an opportunity to work with a great team.



Competitive analysis

User flow

High fidelity prototype

Updating design library




Brand identity


Shipped Hi-Fi prototype

Part 1

Create profile

Project goals

Problem 1

How might we design a streamlined flow for users to create profile?


Users must have the option to 'skip for now'. But still, a way to complete their profile.


High-fidelity prototype for both web and mobile screens.

Target Audience

With the project undergoing a significant shift, I took the opportunity to define a new persona that was tailored to our target audience and aligned with the product vision that the team had in mind.

Emma Greens


21 years




Emma wants to collaborate with brands to monetize

her content.

She is looking for a quick start.

Pain points

She doesn't want to get lost in the sea of influencers.

She already tried many platforms with no success.

A new influencer with a moderate following.





Process Overview

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Identifying the problem

During the early meeting team identified the problem in the flow. Which was not allowing users to explore the platform first.
Also the profile creation steps were inconsistent and it requires a lot of information from users.


The team believes that users should be able to test and explore our service. We have identified two reasons for this. First, new users who are not yet ready to create a profile can still benefit from exploring the platform. Second, users who already use another platform might be curious to see if ours is a good alternative for their needs.

Mobile first approach

At this time team decided to move from web to mobile screens.

Problem: Inconsistent and lengthy "create profile" steps.

Solution #1 Streamlined Profile Creation

Flexible onboarding flow: Users can explore the platform before creating their profile. When ready, easy and consistent steps allow for a quick completion of the process, empowering influencers to assess the platform's benefits before committing to their profile.

Now comes the second part where I designed a new feature for Brands

Part 2

Launch Campaign

Project goals

Problem 1

How might we create a 'Launch campaign' for brands?


The launch campaign should be on the top of the home page. It should be easy and quick with minimal effort.


High-fidelity prototype.

Task: Creating a " launch campaign" for brands.

Solution #1 Found the fastest and most effortless way to design the steps.

I researched the competitors and shared the findings with the team. After reaching to a conclusion what are the steps that a brand needs to launch a campaign I successfully designed the flow by using the right input fields.


Finding the right design through testing.We conducted a preference test with the users and found out which design is better. 4 out of 5 users preferred single page design for filling in information for launching campaigns.

Best design solution

Preference test

Design 1-Multisteps

Design 2-Single page


Moving forward, I would continue to gather feedback from users and conduct usability tests to identify any pain points or areas of improvement. I would also explore opportunities to integrate additional features such as analytics and tracking tools to provide valuable insights to both influencers and brands. Additionally, I would actively seek partnerships and collaborations with influencers and brands to establish a strong community and foster meaningful relationships.

In conclusion, designing an app for influencers and brands partnership has been a fulfilling experience, and I am excited to see how the app evolves and contributes to the influencer marketing landscape in the future. I will continue to iterate, learn, and adapt to create innovative solutions that enhance the collaboration experience for both influencers and brands..