Website design audit.

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Purpose of the audit

The main purpose of the audit is to systematically evaluate the design and functionality of the website

Let's breakdown the meaning of Website Audit.

The simplest definition I found in this Article -

A website audit involves analyzing your website for technical, user experience design and SEO issues.

UX Design Audit.

UX design will help us to identify-

  1. Current website's layout.

  2. User functionality

  3. mobile friendliness

  4. Visual design

  5. Content

  6. Other key features

A clear articulation of Organization's goals for the website.

By Micheal Wong ( executive director)

I would like them ( Primary users -'clinicians")to sign up for our newsletter, make

a donation, or contribute in some other ways to the organization (however,

I must admit that this request is not made or not

made very well on the website):

  • Writing an article either for the PPAHS blog or for the many publications

  • or peer-reviewed journals with which we contribute.

  • Speaking at conferences we are invited to, whether as a patient advocate or as a
    subject matter expert.

  • Teaching an educational course for doctors, nurses, or respiratory therapists.

  • Helping us develop higher standards of care through one of our expert panels.

  • More views on site

Website Layout